Integrative Move Construction©

Graduated Kinesiologist in 2010, diploma recognized by the Swiss Federation of Kinesiology.

Rébecca combines this new technique with contemporary dance to create the following method:

“Integrative Move Construction” ©

Inspired by a range of movement quality methods acquired throughout her career as both a performing dancer and a choreographer, her methodology focuses on awakening our senses by filling our meridian points and incorporating different anchor points, in order to precisely guide movements and their sensitive and physical components using different kinesiologic and contemporary dance exercises.

Using improvisational elements, the dancers seek out the right energy in which their different rhythms come together and succeed in giving the body the desired stamina and dynamism in relation to space.

The aim is to allow everyone to find and explore the essence of their own body language in order to express it as simply as possible, going beyond its boundaries and thus discovering its creative capacity in dance composition expression.

The exercises use floor work and standing exercises that combine improvisation and personal exploration to develop different choreographic sequences.

Courses offered:

  • Master Classes
  • Workshops
  • Choreographic Laboratories
  • Residencies

A summary of kinesiology…

Kinesiology is a study of body movement and its biological components.

It uses elements of Chinese medicine such as meridians and other techniques needed to achieve body harmony and fluidity in the energy that flows throughout all of our muscles.

This educational method uses our potential and our core physical, emotional and mental energies to release blockages.

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Rébecca’s method is based on rigorous, conscientious and essential work, without futilities. When I finished the course, I realized the results I had achieved were excellent. This motivated me to continue with it and to apply it in my professional career.

Juan Angel Garnica, dancer

I learned many things, such as controlling my energy, feeling each movement in order to become better each day with each day and in my personal work. The expression, the confidence to observe, stage presence were abilities I never thought I would accomplish. I understood that limits are those you place on yourself. I would define Rébecca’s courses as magical, beautiful, both in terms of the depth of work as well as finding a higher quality of expression and feeling; all of this in the search for subtlety in every part of yourself and your body.

Cinthya Vazquez, dancer