Au silence de le Dire

Commissioned by the Company Arsmovendi, Italy

Duration: 6 minutes

Realisation: 2006

Sometimes sign language can be more meaningful, expressive and powerful than sound! “Au Silence de le Dire” pays homage to sign language and everything surrounding it. After all, it is tied to a lifestyle in which music is, first and foremost, a vibration.

Gigi Sabani, Fabrizio Frizzi, Youma, Stefano Vagnoli, Gilberto Nati, Roberto Cosentino, Luca Dresda, Aqua-Micans Group, Andrea Cagnetti, Adriano Evangelisti, Gianluca Attanasio, Giulio et Rosaria Arrigo, Aqua-Micans Group, Loredana Parrella

January 16,  2006, Teatro Greco, Roma

Choreography and interpretation:
Rébecca Spinetti
Production: Cie Arsmovendi,
Gianni Ravera S.r.l pour COLORA UNA VITA