Dédoublement, le hasard du commun!

Duration: 45 minutes

Production: 2016

Dédoublement, le hasard du commun!” is a choreographic creation that brings contemporary dance to the video and mapping world. Based on several scientific studies, this creation invokes that feeling of “déjà vu, already seen” we have all experienced. Dédoublement is both an encounter with oneself and the separation from oneself, in space and time, in different worlds, whilst all remaining intimately connected. Dédoublement, le hasard du commun! supports the hypothesis that we were, are and will be, nothing but a dream.

April 6, 7, 8, 9, 2016 at the Theatre Etincelle, Geneva (Switzerland)

Tour 2017-2019:
June 16 and 17, 2017, Sala Verdi, Montevideo (Uruguay)
June 23 and 24, 2017, XXIX Festival de Danza Nueva, Lima (Peru)
June 27, 2017, Centro Cultural, Huaraz (Peru)
October 31, 2017, Forum Rolex Learning, Lausanne (Switzerland)
March 3, 2018, Festival Evidanse, Café du Soleil, Saignelégier (CH)
May 13, 2018, La Fabbrica, Losone (Switzerland)
April 12, 2019, Salle communale Genthod, Genthod (Switzerland)

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Conception, direction and choreography: Rébecca Spinetti
Coordination: Alonso Noriega
Dancers: Blajaith Aguilar, Ilse Orozco
Voices: Olivier Guibert, Rébecca Spinetti
Videos: Alfonso Vega, Christina Ochoa
Mapping: Silvia Fabiani
Lights: Armando Gomez Rubio

Tour Distribution:
Dancers: Joanie Ecuyer, Anja Neukomm
Lights: Line Adam
Mapping: Silvia Fabiani

Creative Residency:
Pantographe, Moutier, (JU/Suisse)
MDT Producciones, Guadalajara (Mexico)
Théâtre Café du Soleil, Saignelégier (JU/Suisse)
Studio Junbla, Guadalajara (Mexico) avec présentation publique au Théâtre FORO LARVA.

Tour supported by:
Republique and Canton of Geneva, Pro-Helvetia, Republique and Canton of Jura, Fondation Corymbo, Fonds culturels suisse

This project is supported by:



photographe: Alonso Noriega