Duration: 45 minutes

Realisation: 2007

“Intuit…” is an allusion to the word “intuition”. Our most hidden part brought to light. Movement that makes everything it touches go into the realm of the subconscious. Differentiation of the cerebral hemispheres, our male and female sides, the symbolism of our dreams, our drive and our courage are all represented in a dynamic choreography full of symbols that are revealed through video creation.

October 18, 19, 20, 2007, Maison de Quartier de la Jonction, Geneva

Concept and Choreography: Rébecca Spinetti
Dancers: Richard Kaboré, Rébecca Spinetti
Video: Aqua-Micans Group (Paride Donatelli, Andrea Gallo, Alessio Spirli)
Lights and sound: Jonathan O’Hear
Musics: Hughes de Courson, Murcof, Angélique Ionatos, Nello Toscano
Oeil extérieur: Jean-Paul Lasternas

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photographes: Patrick Chapuis, Alain Vionnet