La Constellation d’un Fou

Commissioned  by The Company Illuminée, Switzerland

Duration: 30 minutes

Realisation: 2009

“La Constellation d’un Fou” is an encounter between circus and dance. A blank page becomes the backdrop against which the imaginary reigns. Words take the form of a white-winged entity, a source of inspiration that loses the wings it so badly wants to incarnate; an encounter between reality and a parallel universe where both unite.

May 21, 2009, Rencontres Théâtrales de Bulle, Hôtel de Ville
July 14, 2010, Parc des Bastions, Geneva, Festival du Monde du Cirque

La Gruyère
La Liberté

Concept and Artistic Directors:
Rébecca Spinetti, Alexandre Plojoux
Choreography: Rébecca Spinetti
Alexandre Plojoux, Rébecca Spinetti
Lights: Ulrich Schütz
Sound: Aurianne Stroude
Outside eye: Capitaine Bartolo