Paroles d’Arbre, murmures de l’invisible!

Duration: 40 minutes

Production: 2019

This new multidisciplinary creation associating contemporary dance, and musical creation with multi-instrumentalists musicians, is performed outdoors playing with the natural scenography of the park, and aims to familiarize and immerse the spectators in the fascinating universe of the trees, understand their essential utility to the environment.

At each presentation, a practical workshop of silviculture takes place, to favor the contact and to understand the mechanism of the vegetable world to the human one, as well as a conference presented by renowned scientist and forestry professionals.

May 17, 18, 19, 2019, Castle of Penthes, Geneva (Switzerland)


Les Genevoises
Radio Lac
Elle Suisse

Conception and choreography:
Rébecca Spinetti
Dancers: Sarah Waelchli, Amandine Fellay
Musicians: Adama Koeta, Mambourou Diara
Light: Natural light
Speakers: Ernst Zürcher, Laurence Monce, Patrice Bouchardon, Vincent Karche

This project is supported by:

Fondation Gelbert


Photographer: Béatrice Mann