Paroles d’Arbre

Duration: 40 minutes

Realisation: 2010

“Paroles d’Arbre” emphasizes the energy we receive from trees depending on their diversity and their groupings; how this inexplicable dimension can be tangible if we open ourselves up to it. Created in collaboration with Patrice Bouchardon, the author of “L’Energie des Arbres,” published by Le Courrier du Livre.

13 juin 2010, Festival Champêtre des Arts Vivants de Russin.
23 juin 2010, Parc la Grange à Genève

Concept and choreography: Rébecca Spinetti
Dancers: Ambre Pini, Rébecca Spinetti
Musicians: Alexandre Tasev, Dimitri Tasev
Light: Natural Light

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photographe: Alexandre Gross