Rébecca Spinetti

Swiss choreographer and artistic director of the CoBalt Association, Rébecca Spinetti was born in Switzerland and grew up in the Jura. She trained in several private classical and contemporary dance schools in Switzerland prior to obtaining a one-year scholarship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1995, she won first prize for contemporary dance at the Rio de Janeiro International Competition.

Back in Europe, she perfected her technique during 1996 at the Balletto di Toscana in Florence, Italy, and with the Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia, Company of young dancers in 1997. Her eclectic artistic career path enabled her to work for many prestigious European companies using different styles. These include: Cie Objets-Fax (Switzerland), Cie Rosie Kay (England), The Ballet of Grand-Theatre of Geneva (Switzerland), Cie Arsmovendi  (Italy), Cie Zappalà Danza (Italy), Balletto di Roma (Italy), Expo.02 (Switzerland), Tanzkantine (Germany), Cie Buissionnière (Switzerland), Cie Gelabert Azzopardi (Spain), Cie Nomades (Switzerland), Cie Spirale Théâtre (Switzerland), using choreographies by William Forsythe, John Neueimer, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Cesc Gelabert, Fabrizio Monteverde, Roberto Zappalà, Cisco Aznar, Serge Compardon, Andrea Cagnetti, Rosie Kay, Ricardo Rozo and Pierre Koller.

She has worked as a dance producer in many countries including Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Spain, England, France, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and South Africa.

In 2004, she was invited as a guest dancer to perform for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome; and in 2005, she danced in the “Human Writes” installation by William Forsythe and Thomas Kendall at the Schauspielhaus in Zürich.

Her CoBalt Association was founded in 2007 and is based in Geneva, where she produces her artistic creations. In addition, Rébecca is often also appointed as a choreographer and director for other companies and cultural organisations.  Some include:

  • Cie CoBalt, 2022, reprise “Paroles d’Arbre, murmures de l’invisible” a creation for 5 interpreters. (Tour: Switzerland)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2020, “Rebelle-toi, il pleut des cailloux!“, a creation for 3 interpreters. (Tour: Switzerland)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2018-2019, “Paroles d’Arbre, murmures de l’invisible”, a creation for 4 interpreters. (Switzerland)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2016, “Dédoublement, le hasard du commun!” a creation for 2 interpreters (Tour: Switzerland, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico)
  • University of Guadalajara, 2014, “Transformation”, a creation for 10 interpreters. (Mexico)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2012/2013, “Spirituel Délire”, a creation for 1 interpreter and two musicians (Tour: Switzerland, India, Mexico)
  • Estación de la danza, 2012, “Metro”, a creation for 10 interpreters (Mexico)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2010, “Paroles d’Arbre”, a creation for 2 interpreters and 2 musicians (Switzerland)
  • Cie Illuminée, 2009, “La Constellation d’un Fou”, a creation for 2 interpreters (Tour: Switzerland)
  • Cie CoBalt, 2007, “Intuit…”, a creation for 2 interpreters (Switzerland)
  • Cie Arsmovendi, 2006, “Au silence de le dire”, a creation for a solo performance (Italy)
  • Cie Theatre FVR, 2004, “Plumes, paillettes et petits tracas”, a choreographic creation for 2 comedians (Switzerland)

In 2010, she obtained a Diploma of Kinesiology from the Fédération Suisse de Kinésiologie. Using this technique, Rébecca invented and developed the “Integrative Move Construction Method©“, which combines kinesiology and contemporary dance and is designed for professional dancers. She teaches this method in Switzerland and abroad through various workshops and choreographic laboratories.

The methodology aimed at the general public and combines painting and music with movement and kinesiology. It is taught in various institutional and private social structures in Switzerland and abroad.

Also a painter, Rébecca has so far exhibited her work in Switzerland, Italy, France and Mexico.


She has modelled for many renowned international advertising and editorial spots.

She studied classical singing with Isabel Henriquez, Francesca Giarini and Veronique Parize, and is certified in sight reading by the Populaire de Musique de Genève Conservatorium.

She studied theatre acting in Switzerland and Italy. To date, this has enabled her to participate in the following feature films: “Kadogo”, by Nicolas Wadimoff and “Le signe de 11 heures”, by Philippe Nicolet.

As an actress, she worked in the Cie Spiral in Geneva, Pavilion Expo.02 in Yverdon, Zappalà Danza in Catania, Töpffer Theater in Geneva.

In 2015, she won a scholarship from the Mexican Foreign Affairs Department to present her creation, “Dédoublement, le hasard du commun!” in Mexico.

From 2019-2021, she is invited as a member of the jury of the CJB (Conseil du Jura Bernois) for the arts, letters and sciences prize.


Interview of the artistic career by Radio Cité Geneva